“If your PR/com…

“If your PR/communications career were a house, writing would be its foundation. ” -Warren Weeks

This quote is the reason why I started this blog.

As Christmas break came, I indulged in hours of Law and Order SVU on Netflix with a side of Scandal to go along. Although the comfy life had its perks, I realized I can only do nothing for so long. Having a pause from the non-stop meeting-attending, paper-writing, last-minute-project attempting college life that I face on a daily basis, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to advance my career portfolio. After reading many articles from Media Bistro and e-mail updates from PRSSA, writing was the one skill emphasized over and over again. I kept thinking ” I got an A in English freshmen year and I survived Communication Research Methods with solid feedback of excellence, how could I possibly need to improve my writing?”

Oh how pride is the downfall of many. Keeping up with today’s ever-changing media, strong writing is the one thing that separates PR professionals from the rest. We are the voice for our organization and excellence in writing and communicating is our firm foundation by which we have to abide. I hope this blog continues to enlighten myself as well as maybe a few others who are in the same boat.

In the meantime, just keeping paddling.


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