Roadtrip to the PRSA Summit

Last week was a small milestone in my PR career as well as a fun adventure!

Our PRSSA chapter at the University of South Alabama traveled to Birmingham for the 2014 PRSA Summit. The group decided to do the same itinerary as the previous year and go up a day early to tour agencies. The first agency we toured was Intermark Group and then Big Communications.

The Tours- How Everything Really Works

At Intermark we were able to here a short presentation from each department including account services, public relations, creative and interactive. After hearing what each department consists of, I realized account services is somewhere I could see myself. They are primarily responsible for being the liaison between the client and agency throughout the length of the contract. Intermark has a vibrant atmosphere that allows their employees to have autonomy and let their creative spirit fly. This agency inspired me so much to apply for an internship! I saw the woman who presented for the public relations department, Kate, at the PRSA Summit and took the opportunity to give her my resume. This week I received an email from Intermark requesting writing samples. I’ll keep you posted!

USA PRSSA tours Intermark Group

USA PRSSA tours Intermark Group

The Summit

Tuesday we checked into the Summit and prepared ourselves for a day full of professional advice. The keynote speaker, Matt Prince, shared how to deal with generational stereotypes. My favorite quote from him was,

We grow up in a generation where we’ve seen billionaires in hoodies and revolutionaries in sandals.

His presentation was eye-opening to how millennials are perceived and how we can beat these stereotypes in the work place. Some of the other speakers included Deon Gordon, senior consultant at Chronicle Studios, Holly Lollar, APR, from The Lollar Group and Gary McCormick, APR, Fellow PRSA, director of partnership development at HGTV.

Some of our University of South Alabama PRSSA members at Regions Field

Some of our University of South Alabama PRSSA members at Regions Field

The Take-A-Way

So many students go through school just to graduate and then expect a job to be handed to them; not in the world of public relations. You have to attend professional events, make connections that lead to relationships and develop your own personal brand. Attending the PRSA summit and touring two agencies showed me that these professionals who have made it to this point in their careers didn’t do so by sitting back and waiting on the world to hand them an opportunity; they created their own opportunity.


Share your own professional experiences. What have you done to go the extra mile?


Catching Up


I’m sorry I’ve been behind on blogging. A little thing called life has been happening a bit more crazier than usual lately. I use to watch Spongebob everyday when growing up and it’s always fun to incorporate him when I can. A very important lesson has been taught to me this past week: you can’t run forever.

In high school I waited until the last minute to do projects, study for tests, and pretty much anything else that could wait. Graduating with a 4.3/4.5, it would only make sense that this method would work in college…right? Now I’ve been at South for almost four years and I still manage to have a high GPA and work efficiently. I soon realized, actually it hit me right in the face, that the corporate world has no patience for procrastination. 

I got behind on our social media content which affected a very important announcement of a new exhibit we have and there was no one to blame but myself. Thankfully I’m only an intern, and that’s what intern life is about; learning from mistakes. The take-away this week is to never think that because a certain methodology worked for you in high school, in college, in past jobs, etc., will work for you in the present time. Especially when it comes to the world of public relations, time waits for no one.