“Develop an Editorial Calendar” – A What?

Good morning, fellow bloggers!

Last week my boss asked me to start working on our editorial calendar. I responded with a blank look on my face. In my mind I was thinking, “I thought those were for high-class magazines like Vogue?” Immediately I felt like Ann Hathaway in “The Devil Wears Prada” when Meryl Streep asked her to pick up 15 jean vests from Calvin Klein. Thankfully my boss was still new to the idea of an editorial calendar too because the Exploreum has never really had anything so consistent or detailed.

The first thing I did, as my teacher says is one of the most important rules in the PR world, was research. I then researched more, and more, and more. *Side note: You have to look beyond Wikipedia.* After finding multiple sources of good content, I felt as though I had at least a starting place. According to Carrie Morgan in her article, “Tips for PR pros planning a 2014 editorial calendar,” she discusses the importance of editorial calendars to agencies as a way to stay ahead of the curve and stay organized. This statement my Morgan reflects the idea behind this useful tool:

“Editorial calendar searches are a basic PR skill, but one that way too many pros gloss over, only do annually, or forget entirely. That’s a mistake, given how aligning your pitches to an editorial calendar bumps your success rate way up.”

Although I will be developing a calendar for in-house non-profit, the idea still works efficiently. Now that I’ve just about finished the details, I realized how setting up this calendar will be beneficial to our marketing and advertising. Learning a new skill isn’t a bad result either.

What new skills have you learned that maybe PR professionals are overlooking? Have you had experience with an editorial calendar? If so, please share your thoughts!